Thursday, March 10, 2011

And so I'll go too...

The landscape around the Cubs blogosphere has been rapidly changing over the last few months.

League of Her Own moved to Julie's new G9 Sports network. A new mega-blog is in the works which will combine the fine talents of Maddog from 'ACB', Tim from 'Aisle 424', Berselius from 'ACB' and 'The Sabertoothed Anteater', and Adam from 'And Counting...'. GROTA has moved over to ChicagoNow.

And I have decided that I'm going to stop actively blogging here. It was a short run, but it was fun. My reasons for quitting this aren't all that much different than the ones I have for giving up my season tickets after this season. My focus has changed in my life...more than I could have anticipated. And while I've been proud that I've maintained a nice little group of readers here, I personally never felt that I was able to establish the niche for this blog that I was hoping to. I suppose a lesson I learned here is to determine what niche to fill before starting instead of hoping one forms under you in the process.

Anyway, I won't go away entirely. I'll post stuff here if anything interesting ever comes up. I'll probably hang around the new mega blog with Tim, Adam, Maddog and Berselius, and of course I'll be hanging out at the online pub know as LOHO.

Thanks to've all been awesome.