Sunday, March 27, 2011

Silva shows his true nature.

(I did say I might still post stuff here from time to time...this is one of those times.)

I never really had all that much dislike for Carlos Silva.

Yes, I called him an Orca.

Yes, I felt the Cubs would have been better off just designating him for assignment about 1 week into spring training last year!

In fact, the Cubs were patient with him and gave him every opportunity to resurrect his career last year when just about everyone else in baseball had left this guy for dead.

Rumors surrounded Silva that he wasn't a good teammate. I didn't really think that much about it because there is no way he could have been a worse teammate than Milton Bradley was.

Well, Silva truly exposed his true nature yesterday letting out a tirade against the organization that gave him more than a fair chance.

So Silva is pissed at the Cubs for telling him that he will be either traded or cut.

Understand this...the Cubs are not going to let this dork play for them and they are still cutting this bum a $5.5 million check (along with the $6 million that Seattle will pay him this season...and an addition $2 million that Seattle will pay him to buy out his option.)

Silva will get $13.5 million and all he has to do is swim in his big wading pool at Sea World.

If Silva is so pissed off and thinks he actually can still be an effective pitcher, that he should take his $13.5 million, go to some other organization, work his way on to another team's roster, and when he faces the Cubs again in the future, really stick it to them.

Oh Carlos, is the truth here that you just can't handle the fact that your lazy, fat ass isn't very good anymore? Stop blaming the Cubs, who indeed have many faults of their own, and look in the mirror and start to realize that the person to blame here is that cetacean that is looking back at you.

I applaud the Cubs for making a move that a) is beyond dollar signs and b) helps them to truly work toward a rebuilding process.

According to Carrie Muskat, the Cubs have given Silva his unconditional release. I'm not sure why he is complaining about receiving $13.5 million for doing absolutely nothing.


Good luck to MB21, Berselius, AndCounting, and Aisle424 today as they launch Obstructed View.