Thursday, March 10, 2011

Waiting for my tickets arrive so I can see Randy Wells pitch.

Look, it appears to me that the competition is over as far as the starting rotation is concerned.

Randy Wells should be the 4th starter.

Andrew Cashner should be the 5th starter.

Carlos Silva should be given to some other team.

Cashner may not have proved he's up to the task yet, but as a team that is rebuilding (and don't let anyone fool you into thinking they are not), it makes virtually no sense not to let this kid at least try to starter for about 2 or 3 months.

Wells, from all reports, is zeroed in this spring and statistically is looking great.


According to FedEx, my season tickets will be arriving tomorrow.

I've never been quite this indifferent about their arrival.

That might change when I have them in my hands, as I prepare for a great season of Cubs baseball. *cough...cough*

It does give me the chance to identify which games I absolutely must go to this day, the games against the there any others that really should interest me significantly? Ii guess I'd probably go see the Giants when then come to town (in two different series? How can we be so lucky?).

But it's baseball. It's the Cubs. It will be fun.