Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Len and Bob no more? UPDATE!!!

The rumors flying around Chicago and Milwaukee indicate that Bob Brenly may very well be heading to the job he should have gotten 2 years ago with the Brewers.

When the Breweres hired Ken Macha, it was well assume that Brenly was a co-runner-up for the job with Bob Melvin. 

I have long suspected that the Brewers wanted to get a second shot at bringing Brenly in.  If this is so, it will be a loss for Cubs fans.  Brenly and Casper make up the best announcing team in Chicago for any or TV. 

If Brenly goes, then we begin the speculation as to his replacement...and for me Keith Moreland has more than proven his worthiness for the role.  The other obvious name would be Mark Grace.  And we all cringe at the idea that Dave Otto might be brought back. 


Doug Melvin, Brewers GM, said in an interview, "Unless somebody else has been doing the hiring process, it's not true." when refering to the rumor about Brenly.  Obviously the Milwaukee press is just a little too anxious right now.