Monday, October 4, 2010

Cubs release renderings of new theme park.

The Cubs have released artist renderings of their new spring training facility/family fun park which they intend to located in the north part of Mesa, in a area know as Riverview Park. 

The renderings kinda make people recall the days of the other "Riverview Park" which was located not far from Wrigley (where DeVry is now located) so I guess that is somewhat fitting...

Anyways, the location, it seems, appears to be under consideration for a number of other developments which includes a water park and hotel.  The site is currently a golf course.  The site isn't a guarantee for the Cubs right now as financing needs to be approved first in the election next month and the actual Riverview site itself needs to be made available to the Cubs (as there are other potential development plans that have first dibs on the property). 

At this point, the Cubs are hoping to move in to their new facility 2013...assuming the apolcolypse doesn't occur in 2012. 

What do the rendering tell us?  Not much.  We have some nice pictures of a stadium and a couple ponds and people walking around happily.  Nothing about the practice facilities or anything of substance.  Considering the lack of a concrete commitment to a site, that's not surprising. 

So here are the pics (via the Chicago Cubs)...