Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Ok, ladies. Rich Harden is available again.

In need of work.
The Rangers dumped Rich Harden reported by Brent Gambill or MLB Network.
I warned people of the issues with the Cubs trying to re-sign Rich Harden this year. I stand by it, and I think the Rangers wished the Cubs would have re-signed him to.

Harden's stats this season were, well, bad.

ERA: 5.58
Wins: 5
IP: 92.0
Ks: 62
Innings per Start: 5.0
Quality Starts: 5
WAR: -0.7

Not really worth the $6.5 million he was paid...and he didn't meet any of the performance bonuses in his contract. But he'll get an extra $1 million for getting released.

So...if any of you ladies want Harden back in a Cubs uniform to help tax the bullpen some more, get on the phone with Jim Hendry.