Friday, March 26, 2010

WTF! Bobby Scales has been sent down?!?!?!?!

I'm stunned.

Truly stunned.

The Cubs cut Bobby Scales from big league camp today.

Caption 1: Scales can levitate a bat, but he'll always be a minor leaguer to me.
Caption 2:  Next year, try holding on to the bat.  That works better. 

If they just gave this kid a chance, he could be great.

Ok...I'm kidding. I have no clue why Scales was actually in big league camp in the first place.

Scales was among 7 players who were cut off the roster today. The others were Darwin Barney (*snort*), Jeff Gray, Marcos Mateo, John Gaub, Jim Addici, and Robinson Chirinos.

With the exception of Gray, nothing here was really a surprise.

Gray has likely been sent down just so he can get more work in. He's been bothered by some nagging injuries all spring and is behind in his work.

That leaves the Cubs with 15 pitchers on the roster...2 of which are going to be on the DL...Angel Guzman and Ted Lilly. That means that one player is left to be cut...probably between Parisi and Russell. Hopefully Russell will the survivor, but if the Cubs cut Parisi, he'll likely be taken back by the Cardinals. Parisi has been flat out bad this spring, Russell has pitched well.

The fates of Sam Fuld, Micah Hoffpauir, Chad Tracy, Kevin "I'm funny, thus I'm good" Millar, Andres Blanco, and Tyler Colvin are still a bit up in the is the possibility of Xavier Nady starting the year on the DL.

One last is official, Sloth and Orca are the fourth and fifth starters.

Now in three weeks we get to see which of those two clowns will get to stick around when Lillypad comes back.

Cubs play some random team today in a game that really doesn't matter for anyone anymore. Ramirez and Lee are expected to play.