Friday, March 26, 2010

Thank you, WGN Radio, for getting rid of the last reason for me to listen to you

Over the years I have listened less and less to WGN Radio.

As a kid I when I was growing up, I didn't listen to FM music stations.  I listened to WGN...the tail end of Wally Phillips run, Bob Collins, Roy Leonard, Spike O'Dell, and Al Lerner and Ed Curran.

Not a single one of those people are on the station any more.

The last remaining show that I would occasionally tune in to was Sports Central.

Well, they've taken that away now.

Yes, Sports Central is being canceled.

Look, it wasn't WGN's fault that all of the people I listened to left...Phillips retires, Collins died, Leonard got old, Al and Ed went their separate ways.  And Spike?  Well, Spike probably accelerated his retirement plans when he saw what was happening. 

Sports Central?  Well, it had the unfortunate problem of having to compete with WMVP and WSCR...full time sports stations.

The truth is, I really didn't listen to it much any more anyway because I only listen to the radio while I'm in the car, and I'm rarely in the car between 7 and 9pm.

Maybe I just haven't given any of the current talent on the station much of a chance...but I just can't stand most of these guys.  That Jarrett guy?  SNORE!  Steve Cochrane?  Too full of himself. Gary Meier?  Can't stand him.  John Williams is the only one on there that I even remotely consider ok...a style reminiscent of Wally Phillips...but he just never clicked with me either.

And now that I have my Droid with the MLB At-Bat app, I no longer have to tune to WGN to listen to the Cubs games.

Congratulations, WGN.  You officially don't exist in my life anymore.