Thursday, May 3, 2012

Scott and Randy on the bus to Iowa.

Cubs superstars Kerry Wood and Ryan Dempster are coming off the DL today.

Scott Maine and Randy Wells are both heading back to Iowa.

Wells, who pitched adequately, though not great, sees himself being demoted for the second time this year basically because there just isn't room for a 5th fourth starter on this team.

He did his job as a 6th starter...he came in and pitched well in his first start, struggled a bit in his second start.

The demotion for Maine is probably more frustrating as the Cubs are stuck with Marmol, Wood, Castillo, Bowden and Camp...with Dolis and Russell pitching to well to be demoted.  It's frustrating because Maine pitched well and provided that second left handed option in the bullpen.

When Kerry Wood goes down again...which should be sometime next week...I'm sure Scott Maine will be back.