Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Doc's Team rankings 5-1-2012

The Rays make a big jump this week while the White Sox drop.  It's now May, and we should start to see which teams are for real, and which ones are fakers.

RankTeam (last week)Comment
1Rangers (2)This is the best team in baseball.  And Yu is pretty damn good.
2Cardinals (4)They are the best team in the NL and have a backup to the Albert Pujols's replacement playing 1st right now.
3Nationals (1)This team is starting to come back down to their. I'm wondering how long until Bryce Harper is nailed by a pitch.
4Dodgers (3)Frank McCourt's reign of terror should officially end today.
5Rays (12)They've lost only one game at home this year. Too bad no one's been their to watch all those wins.
6Braves (8)This team is quite different from the Braves teams of yesteryear.  They can seriously score a lot of runs.
7Yankees (5)Derek Jeter makes me sick.
8Giants (11)Has Timmy finally found his stride?  If so, the NL West race might be over.
9Orioles (13)Ask the Rockies how the Hammel/Guthrie trade has worked out.  
10Tigers (7)This team isn't as good I thought they would be. They've got some big holes in Detroit.
11Indians (10)These guys love playing on the road...going 7-2 so far this season.  
12Diamondbacks (15)This team is hovering right around .500, which is where I think their talent should place them. 
13Blue Jays (9)Why can't the Blue Jays top the Rays, Red Sox and Yankees year after year?  Because they are focused on lingerie, and those other teams focus on winning ballgames.  
14Mets (14)They are three games over .500...but have a really dismal run differential right now, giving up the third most runs in the NL.  
15White Sox (6)This team could very well have another no hitter this year.  Don Cooper is a damn good pitching coach.
16Rockies (17)This team is just waiting for Tulo to heat up.  
17Phillies (19)This team looks old.
18Brewers (16)I hate Ryan Braun, but he's show no ill effects from the off season controversy.  
19Boston (23)Last week I said Marlon Byrd wouldn't help this team.  I was wrong.
20Reds (18)Sean Marshall has been good as the closer for the Reds...but I think he's going to unfairly criticized for every poor outing with Aroldis Chapman mowing down hitters in a setup role.   
21Mariners (24)This team lost 4 in a row, then won 4 in a row and now has lost 3 in a row.  I smell a winning streak starting soon.  
22Angels (21) (A joke told a million times now...) I had as many home runs in April as Albert Pujols.  
23Marlins (20)They should have made a bigger effort to get Pujols and/or Cespedes.  Only the Pirates have scored fewer runs than this team.
24Athletics (22)And speaking of having problems scoring, the A's are last in runs scored in the AL.
25Pirates (25)The Pirates have scored 58 runs this season.  That's almost a full run a game less than any other team in baseball.  Pathetic.  
26Cubs (27)Solid starting pitching, and some seriously aggressive base running have this team playing a little better.   
27Padres (26)The Padres gave up Anthony Rizzo because they aquired Yonder Alonso this off season. It will be interesting to see which of these two players ends up being better.
28Royals (29)They still have yet to win a game at home this year.  This team should not be this bad.
29Twins (28)At some point soon, their home attendance is going to drop...and I'm not sure how they are going to be able to pay for some of these salaries. 
30Colt 45s (30)They have the Cardinals, Rangers and Dodgers to play this month.