Friday, May 18, 2012

UPDATED: Kid K is retiring today.

Bruce Levine of ESPN Chicago is reporting that Kerry Wood is going to retire today.

I'm stunned.  I felt it might be time, but I'm still stunned.


Paul Sullivan and the Score are reporting that Wood hopes to play in tonight's game and plans to retire this evening after the game.

In the end, whenever it ends, I'm sad.  I'm sad that Wood is retiring.  I'm sad because I liked the guy.  I'm sad because of the unmet potential.  I'm sad because of what could have been.  And I'm sad that is it ending this way.

But I'm happy that he is retiring as a Cub.


Carrie Muskat is reporting that Wood wants to stay in uniform for one more appearance...for one of the games this weekend.

With the fact that this news leaked early, I think it's anyone's guess as to what will actually happen now.