Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Doc's Team Rankings 5-15-2012

Interleague play is just around the corner, which means that the National League teams, as a group, will start trending lower...because interleague play is dumb and the two leagues have a different rule set.

RankTeam (last week)Comment
1Dodgers (4)Matt Kemp?  Oh no!
2Rangers (3)I'm proud to say that Josh Hamilton is on my fantasy team.
3Rays (1)This team has a full disabled list.
4Braves (8)Swept the Cardinals?  I like these guys.
5Orioles (6)I'm really really stunned these guys are playing this well.
6Cardinals (2)Jon Jay is back on the DL....and he was doing so well. 
7Nationals (5)Bryce Harper has been almost everything that he was advertised to be...except for his defense which is a little suspect right now.
8Yankees (9)The Yankees probably deserved to move up a little more this week...but I don't like them.
9Mets (11)I'm sure Mets fans were thrilled to hear that Jason Bay has been cleared to start doing baseball activities again.
10Marlins (13)Ozzie has this team playing damn well right now.  I'm kinda disappointed.
11Indians (7)Derek Lowe is having a really impressive season for the Tribe so far this year.
12Reds (12)Joey Votto is a monster...but he's no Bryan LaHair!
13Athletics (14)I'm still dumbfounded by the fact this team is over .500
14Giants (15)I think this team is on the brink of a really good stretch.  
15Blue Jays (10)I'd like to think the Blue Jays can keep up with the rest of this division, but I don't think it's going to happen.
16Tigers (16)Jim Leyland has got to be sitting in his office after every game chain smoking and wondering why this team isn't playing better.
17Red Sox (26)This is the streakiest team in baseball right now.
18Phillies (21)The argument between Charlie Manuel and "Balkin" Bob Davidson today was great...more f-bombs than in the movie "Casino". 
19Pirates (23)With his slow start a thing of the past, Andrew McCutchen is again proving why he's the best center fielder in baseball.
20Diamondbacks (17)I love Justin Upton...but he's got to start hitting.
21White Sox (24)The Sox are a mess.  I think they kept the wrong guy in the Kenny/Ozzie fued.  
22Brewers (22)I wanted to rank them lower, but taking 2 out of 3 from the Cubs didn't allow me to.
23Cubs (25)As good as Bryan LaHair has been...he's going to have to move to the outfield soon because Anthony Rizzo has nothing left to prove in the minor leagues.
24Rockies (18)This team is falling apart.  Might be time for another managerial change to spark another big 2nd half. 
25Mariners (19)Cubs fans complain about Castro as the #3 hitter...but Ichiro shown much less power in the same spot.
26Royals (27)Jonathan Broxton as resurrected his career in KC...just about the only bright spot on that horrendous pitching staff.
27Angels (20)Cardinal fans think that Pujols's elbow is to blame for his issues in Anaheim...it's been an ongoing problem for him for a number of years now.  
28Padres (29)They're team leader in home runs is Chase Headley with 4...on pace for about 18 for the season.  That's not good.  
29Twins (30)Good news Minnesota fans...the Vikings are finally getting a new stadium!!!
30Colt 45s (28)They played crappy enough this week for me to drop them down to the last spot again.  All is right with the world.