Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Money to spend

It's time to look at the Cubs payroll now that they've pretty much settled contracts with most of the arbitration eligible players.

Let's first look at the players under contracts:

Alfonso Soriano $18,000,000
Marlon Byrd $6,500,000
Reed Johnson $1,150,000
David DeJesus $4,250,000
Ian Stewart $2,237,000
Jeff Baker $1,375,000
Blake DeWitt $1,100,000
Geovany Soto $4,300,000
Ryan Dempster $14,000,000
Randy Wells $2,705,000
Paul Maholm $4,750,000
Carlos Marmol $7,000,000
Kerry Wood $3,000,000
Jeff Samardzija $2,240,000
Chris Volstad $2,655,000

The numbers are also in for Matt Garza and he's asking for $10.2 million with the Cubs are offering $7.95 million.  Let's just split the difference and say that Garza is getting $9.1 million.

That gives us a running total of about $84 million.  

The remaining players that will be on the 25 man roster will all be earning around the league minimum.  For now, my best guess on the remainder of the roster would be the following players:

Tony Campana
Starlin Castro
Darwin Barney
Bryan LaHair
Wellington Castillo
Travis Wood
James Russell
Casey Coleman
Marcos Mateo

That's another $4.5 million if they get $500k a piece.

That moves the Cubs up to around $89 million.

Remember, the Cubs owe $17 million to the Marlins for Carlos Zambrano too.

Now we are up to $106 million

Compared to last year where the Cubs had a payroll of $130 million or so, it would appear that the Cubs have about $25 million available to spend.  

But don't believe that this means that they will go after Prince Fielder.  Despite what some members of the press still insist on, Fielder is not in the Cubs plans for 2012.

However, that payroll disparity does mean that the Cubs could make an investment in someone like, oh, Yoenis Cespedes.  I personally don't want that Cubs to go after the 26 year old Cuban, but that is to be talked about on another day.

This is what rebuilding looks like.  And don't be surprised if that payroll number doesn't exceed $115 million in 2012.