Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Cubs unveil revised party deck plans

Today the Cubs unveiled revised plans for the party deck in right field.

After receiving almost unanimous support for the original plans, the Cubs have now submitted an even more ambitious plan to enhance the ballpark.

"We decided that, after evaluating what other teams have done and been successful with, we will try to do our own take on those successful ideas," said Crane Kenney, Cubs president of business operations.

One of the original criticisms of the original plans for the party deck was that is appeared to be designed after the seats on top of the Green Monster at Boston's Fenway Park.  The plans unveiled today will likely amplify those thoughts:

When asked whether the new expanded plans were a direct rip off of the Boston landmark, Kenney said, "No, not in any way.  First off, all of our renovations are in right field, and everyone knows that the Green Monster in Boston is in left field."

Local Cubs fan and Wrigleyville resident, Kyle Hetherstad, was critical of the change, "You can tell that Theo Epstein has had tremendous influence over these new plans.  How are people from the 'L' tracks supposed to see into the ballpark now?  What's next?  Clam chowder with your bison dogs?"

Kenney stated, when asked about Epstein's input, "We had some discussions with Theo, but he's been more involved in Yawkey Way duplica...um...oops...I mean triangle building."

The cost of one of the new party deck tickets is targeted to be around $400 each.  "At that price, any fan will be able to afford to get some of the best seats at Wrigley."

Kenney finished the unveiling of the plans by stating that the Cubs hope to have the changes complete by opening day.  "It will really enhance the fan experience at Wrigley and we are excited to get these new seats in place."