Friday, December 30, 2011

Cubans and the mid 90's Cubs

It was reported today that the Cubs signed two Cuban defectors according to Baseball America.

First, Yasiel Balaguert...
He's a 19 year old outfielder with decent defensive skills and hits halfway decently. It sounds like he has some flaws in his swing, but he's 19, so who knows...but maybe this kid can iron that out. 

Second, Carlos Martinez...
He's a 20 year old pitcher with a lower 90s fastball and an average curveball. He primarily has worked out of the bullpen.

Neither of these signings, along with just about every other signing the Cubs have made this off-season, are anything to get excited about. At the same time, this is a move which was done to continue to bolster up the minor league system. I'm starting to wonder if the Cubs are going to have about 45 players on each of their minor league rosters this year.

So what does any of this have to do with the Cubs of the mid 90's?


The Cubs wore these uniforms during road games for 3 seasons.  Some people thought that the scripted "Cubs" looked a little too much like "Cuba" and complained to the Cubs about it.  In fact script style on the Cubs uniforms had some similarities to the script used on the Cuban national team uniforms.

In 1997 the Cubs switched over to something that looks very much like the road uniforms they wear today partially to appease the people who were upset about scripted style.

Maybe the Cubs should bring back those road unis to make their new signings more comfortable.