Sunday, June 5, 2011

How much worse can things get before changes are made?

Just a quick little post after watching, for the second day in a row, Albert Pujols do exactly what everyone in baseball (except Cubs management) thought he was going to do.

I keep looking at the whole situation with this team and I keep thinking that if things don't improve in some small way, someone is going to get fired...

But the I think deeply about it and I can't see that it is possible for anything to happen as long as Crane Kenney is the team president.

I see no way that Crane Kenney will be allowed to fire and then hire a new GM. I see no way that Jim Hendry will fire and the hire his 4th manager. And they aren't going fire anyone on the coaching staff because, quite frankly, if they fire one of them, they need to fire all of them because every aspect of this team sucks.

So it all comes down to starting at the top here...

Crane Kenney must be removed as president of this team. Period.