Monday, June 6, 2011

David Haugh...WHO YOU CRAPPIN'?

This is going to be very quick and very simple.

On June 2nd David Haugh, Bears beat reporter for the Chicago Tribune wrote this in a story about the Cubs needing to make some big changes...
Jokingly, Zambrano described how to crack the bat over his upper leg the way he did in frustration Tuesday night after striking out. Even manager Mike Quade tried making light of the situation with a bizarre "Seinfeld,'' reference.

When Zambrano completed his demonstration, I laughed along with other media members in the Cubs dugout.

But, really, there is nothing funny about a guy who supposedly underwent successful anger-management classes last July publicly succumbing to rage. There is even less humor in the Cubs' best starter risking injury with a foolish loss of self-control considering the health issues racking the rotation.
And he ended this with this statement...
The Cubs can ill afford an injury to Zambrano. It would severely limit his trade value.
I actually fully agree with this...though my belief is Zambrano is completely unwilling to play anywhere else

But then today, David Haugh wrote an article about Zambrano's extremely honest, and correct analysis of this team saying that Zambrano was out of line.
Hendry should suspend mercurial pitcher until he can find a willing trade partner

You don't want him to break a bat over his leg because it will hurt his trade value but now you want to suspend him? Oh...and that won't hurt his trade value?

How about this? How about letting a pitcher, who is coming off 2 of his best starts of the year, go out and continue to pitch well. Was Zambrano calling out his teammates yesterday? Slightly. BUT HE WAS RIGHT! And he said exactly everything that every fricken Cubs fan has been thinking for the last month...this team sucks is making stupid-ass mistakes.

Never once did he call out an individual palyer. He didn't say it was Marmol's fault for throwing Theriot a slider. He didn't say it was Hill's fault for calling for that slider. Every statement he made yesterday had a "We" in it, not "Him" or "Them". That's a big change for him.

On top of that, Zambrano is the first person on this stupid team to actually place some blame on this team! Quade just shrugs his shoulders and says he doesn't know what to do. The owner blames all of their problems on injuries. Jim Hendry just eats donuts all day.

But back to the point...If David Haugh wants Zambrano traded, fine. But don't go saying that you don't want Zambrano to hurt his trade value and then 3 days later say you want him to be suspended until he can be traded. It doesn't work that way.

I've wanted Z out of a Cubs uniform for years. But right now, I'm as supportive of Z as I have ever been.

To suspend and trade Z for telling the 100% truth is just imbecilic.

I don't know why he thinks he has any justification to report on baseball...David Haugh should stick with the Bears and leave this train wreck of a baseball team alone. They've go enough problems on there hands without having the media try to stir up even more discontent.