Thursday, March 3, 2011

Hey Mom!!!! The Cubs are fighting again!!!!

As you all probably already know, the Cubs had an "incident" in the dugout yesterday after Carlos Silva gave up 6 runs in the bottom of the first inning and the defense committed 3 errors in said inning.

Carlos Silva was supposedly upset by the fact that, unsurprisingly, this team is bad at defense.  Aramis, who committed one of those three errors, took exception to Silva's whining and the two had some very public words.

Silva was carted away without talking to the media.  Ramirez said it was no big deal after the game.

To me, I think this is good.  Here is why...

The previous two dugout spats between Cubs teammates were in 2007 and in 2010.

In 2007, Carlos Zambrano beat the crap out of the well deserved Michael Barrett.  The Cubs were really shitty up to that point of the season.  After that fight in June, the Cubs traded Michael Barrett and then turned it around and won the division.
I was a very happy boy when this happened.
In 2010, Carlos Zambrano tried to beat the crap out of Derrek Lee.  The Cubs were really shitty up to that point of the season.  The Cubs continued to struggle for a little while, but they eventually traded Derrek Lee and then they were able to turn things around and played pretty good baseball for the rest of the season.

Derrek is mad.

Z is mad.

If that trend continues, the Cubs should trade away either Aramis Ramirez or Carlos Silva and then win 115 games this season.

So it really comes down to who do the Cubs trade?

Well, quite frankly, the Cubs need Ramirez as much as they need Zambrano.  Both of these guys have been the key point for determining whether this team is good or bad.  So that means Carlos Silva had better start packing his bags.  The Cubs don't need him.  The remaining $5.5 million that the Cubs owe him this year should mean very little.

Time to swim to another ocean, my friend.
So those of you who think the Cubs are falling apart, relax.  This is a sign that things are going to get much better very soon.

Or maybe not.