Thursday, March 3, 2011

For all kinds of reasons, Tribune needs to launch the blimp headed columnist.

I didn't think Carlos Silva would actually break camp with the Cubs last season.  I currently believe he is very unlikely to break camp with the Cubs this season.

All and all, I figure that Stever Rosenbloom will likely get his wish and Carlos Silva will be "launched" before this season starts.

But Rosenbloom's vicious attack on a guy that was pissed off at teammates who appeared to be playing at a little league level yesterday was way over the top and completely uncalled for.

Steve Rosenbloom's blog post was titled "For all kinds of reasons, the Cubs need to launch the blimp pitcher".  That right call Silva a blimp...well, I've called him the Orca, also know as a killer whale...but a blimp has an even larger negative connotation associated with it and is just uncalled for as a headline.  

Silva entered camp this year exclaiming that he was a lock for the rotation.  We all know he isn't.  And the truth is, he knows he isn't as well.  In fact, Silva probably realizes that if he doesn't pitch well this spring, he's probably out of a job with the Cubs.  Saying something like that can often times indicate a strong confidence in one's abilities.  It is also likely to be another instance where a Latin player makes a somewhat comical comment that flies over the fat heads of the Chicago media.
Looks like either the porcine pitcher goes or Mike Quade’s authority will.
First he's a blimp.  Now he's a pig. Don't worry, more fat jokes to come. 

Now the story was supposed to be about getting rid of Carlos Silva, but then Rosenbloom going into a rant about Quade.

But wait. There’s more. Quade think thinks it might be a positive thing....
Just four games into his first full season as manager, and Quade sounds like he’s out of answers. How lame is it to say "maybe we needed to get ticked off"? If Quade thinks he needs a dugout scuffle to change things with his players, then it sounds as if Quade doesn’t know what to do. Is it too early to wonder whether this would’ve happened under Ryne Sandberg?
I'm fairly sure if Sandberg had been the manager, he would have beat the crap out of both of the players and Rosenbloom would have been calling for the Cubs to launch him as he can't control his temper either.

But back to Silva...
In Wednesday’s scuffle, Ramirez says Silva shot off his mouth after a six-run, three-error, two-homer first inning. I’m not sure Silva understands the concept of fighting for a spot in the rotation.
Um, I think Silva's actions indicate just how aware he is that he is fighting for a spot in the rotation.  Intensity.  Trying to fire a team up.  Some might argue that is showing some leadership.  In fact, a number of bloggers (I wasn't one of them) sided with Zambrano last year when he got into a scuffle with Derrek Lee saying that this was Z's way to fire up the team.  Rosenbloom didn't side with him...probably because Z was a Latin player, like Silva.

Oh, and speaking of Latin players, let's dump on Aramis now too...
Ramirez made one of the errors, but it appears Silva was firing on someone else and Ramirez came to that player’s defense. If true, then we have history, ladies and genetlemen. Mark it down: a rare spasm of Ramirez’s jumping defensively.
But that wasn't mean enough...
This actually moves him perilously close to acting like the leader he has never been.
Yes, the Cubs defense sucked.  Silva was upset.  I would be too.  There's been no video of said incident.  Rosenbloom's not even in Arizona.  Practically everything that we know about what happened was second hand.  Ramirez didn't seem too concerned.  The manager didn't seem too concerned.  Big deal.  He's sure drawing a lot of conclusions on an event he has not witnesses, even on video. 

Ok...but we haven't had a Silva fat joke in a while...let's see, find another Latin player...and make this post worse...ah, Carlos Pena to the rescue!
...Carlos Pena was brought in to play first base was to provide an example for the Cubs’ young Latin players....Pena’s first lesson ought to be: Don’t become fat and bad, kids.
This next statement might be the dumbest of the whole post...
I have no idea why Silva gets off here. He has been awful since last year’s All-Star break, both on and off the mound. The guy had elbow and heart problems, not to mention getting-people-out problems with that 11.12 ERA in the second half
Let's see...he's been awful since last year's all-star break...yes...BECAUSE the guy had elbow and heart problems. That has nothing to do with why Silva may get off here.  Koyie Hill sucked for the entire 2010 season and he had not elbow or heart problems and he's guaranteed a job.  This is a shitty team.  Silva fits right in according to Rosenbloom's analysis.  I'd be pissed two if I wasn't guaranteed a job on this shitty team. 

Time for another fat joke...
No, sorry, ridiculous is why the guy still gets a septuple-XL Cubs jersey.
Oh...and how about another one just for good measure...
There’s no good reason to keep this blob around.
Ok, now comes time to compare Silva to the media's most hated player, Milton Bradley...
He has one big year left on a contract acquired in exchange for Milton Bradley -- maybe Silva thought being traded for Bradley meant he had to act like the same kind of jerk -- so the Cubs need to ask themselves: What's the price of sanity and what's the cost of stupidity and stubbornness?
Look, I think the Cubs will probably end up cutting Silva, but it will have more to do with the fact they don't have room in their starting rotation for him and he really doesn't have a role in the bullpen.  Silva is a jerk because he understandably was upset that his team committed 3 errors in one inning behind him as he is pitching for what very well could be his career?

Rosenbloom has made it pretty obvious that none white players have not place in a Cubs uniform...and the Latin players are either lazy like Ramirez or complete nut cases like Zambrano and Silva.   I can't wait to see which of these to categories Starlin Castro falls into.'s been a while since we've had a fat joke, here's one last stab...
There’s no good reason to keep Silva The Hutt around.
That's  better.  I almost forgot the Silva was a large person.  The bigger question is how can someone with such a fat head as Steve Rosenbloom have such a small brain inside it.

Look, I think Silva should be let go...especially if the Cubs have no intention of using him as a starting pitcher this year.  Let someone else give him a chance.  He might not have the best attitude, but this is just uncalled for.

I know I've been harsh toward Silva in the past, but this is just over the top.  My nickname for him, Orca, was meant to poke a little fun at him while at the same time, actually complement him.  As some of you may have recalled, the name came at the same time as an unfortunate incident at Sea World last year.  The name came as he was pitching well, and a Killer Whale seemed somewhat appropriate.

This isn't the first time I've scolded Steve Rosenbloom here.  I seriously hope the Tribune looks seriously removing this man from their payroll.  He is destructive to the Cubs ability to draw talent to Chicago.  The media in this town is brutal enough without assholes like Rosenbloom.  Unfortunately, 670 The Score has let Rosenbloom host shows occasionally too giving him yet another way to spew this crap (which he seem to relish).

Give us some real news, Rosenbloom.  Stop spewing this crap out.  That's my job. 

Just to tally it all up...Silva is...
  • A blimp
  • A pig
  • Fat
  • Bad
  • A septuple XL
  • A blob
  • A jerk
  • Stupid
  • Stubborn
  • A psycho (not quoted)
  • A Hutt
I'm fairly sure Milton Bradley didn't even suffer abuse of this severity, but that's probably because Bradley isn't a Latin American.


I suppose I should post a link to this unfortunately post for Rosenbloom' here.