Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Wrigley Field is falling apart again

Yes...Wrigley Field is falling apart again...

Numerous reports on have stated that a portion of the Wrigley Field roof has blown off in the blizzard.

I checked out the Wrigley Field cam and sure enough...there appears to be a big chunk of roof sitting outside of the ticket window at Clark and Addison, which would be consistent with the wind right now which is blowing out of the northeast.

Take a look.

Since it appears that the Ricketts family hasn't planned any renovations this off-season (at least nothing that has been witnessed or reported), it looks like they'll get their chance to do something and do some work to the old wood roof before opening day.

This can only help their case to get some money to renovate the place.


Links to a couple more shots of the roof on the sidewalk by Clark and Addison: