Thursday, February 3, 2011

Mailbag: Ask the Doc!

Today I've decided to answer questions submitted to me by a number of my millions of readers out there. I'm sorry if I don't get to all your questions.

Ralph C.
Will Alfonso Soriano rebound from his mediocre 2010 season?
Oh...I thought 2010 was a rebound from the 2009 season. Don't expect much more in 2011.
As good as it gets!

Heathcliff T. C.
Hi Doc. I was wondering who should start at second base this year.
Kosuke Fukudome. (He's as good as any other option.)
Dreaming of Japan

Ann G.
Will Carlos Silva coming into camp in shape and will he make the starting rotation?
No and No.

Timmy C.
Doc, why does Aramis Ramirez always say “What's up?” whenever he sees anyone. It seems like a kind of dumb greeting, and he say it to everyone.
Did you ever think that maybe A-Ram just can't physically look up?
He never asks "what's down?"

Kevin M.
Is Wrigley Field actually safe to watch a game in? Crumbling concrete. Roof flying off. The place appears to be a death trap.
Wrigley Field is not safe. But, if you still want tickets, I've got a number of games I won't be able to go give me a call and I'll be willing to sell some tickets to games against the Pirates and Royals. 
Don't worry, they'll just put up another net.

Judy J.
Who will win the NL Central this year?
That's a really good question. My money is on Houston. They've done nothing to improve their team, so, logically, they must already be good.
The most boring logo in baseball next to the Cubs.

Nate H.
Doc...who will win the Super Bowl?
You'll have to wait until tomorrow for my analysis of that.

Heather H.
Is it true that Laura Ricketts is the first openly gay owner of a major sports team?
Yes...that is a fact...and another fact is that Todd Ricketts is the first owner of a major sports team to have flunked out of kindergarten (but he's sure he'll pass this year). 
But he loves nap time.

Peter G.
Doc, I have an itchy rash on my arm that is very red and has puss oozing from it. What should I do?
I'm not a real doctor, but I wouldn't worry about it. Just keep scratching it...I'm sure it will get better.

Barry S.
Will 2011 be a lot like 2007 with the Cubs turning things around an winning the division?
But we might see this again!

That's all for now. Every once in a while I'll answer more of your wonderful questions.