Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Moreland-Good call!

It has been announced that Keith Moreland will be the new sidekick for Pat Hughes in the WGN radio booth.

All of you know that I had been calling for Moreland to be put up in the booth with Pat before Ron Santo had passed away, as Ron had been missing more and more games over the last couple years (either as a three man team or a permanent substitute for road games).

Honestly, he gave the best commentary of any of the "subs" the Cubs have had in a long time, and his voice isn't annoying. He is confident, well prepared and is quite up-to-date with the MLB even though his full time gig has been as an announcer for the University of Texas.

I, personally, am extremely excited to have Moreland in the booth and I look forward to hearing him and Pat call games this season.