Thursday, January 13, 2011

Jim Caple tells us what we already know: We’re miserable

In 2004, Jim Caple of ESPN created a baseball Misery Index which was to measure how miserable fans were of each team.

He has now created a 2011 version of this index, and congratulations Cubs fans! We’re the most miserable fans in all of baseball.

It took a lot of hard work and a lot of money to make us the most miserable fans, but we did it. It has all paid off.

In 2004, Cubs fans were ranked third most miserable, but after kicking Sammy Sosa out of town, signing Soriano for the GDP of Canada spanning 65 years, the Cubs climbed up to first place on the list.

Good for us!

If you ever wanted to know how miserable you are as a Cubs fan, you can also download the Fan Misery Index app for your iPhone. I don’t have an iPhone, but I have seen that app, and it is pretty good. With that app, you can see just how miserable you are on a daily basis.

So give yourself a pat on the back, Cubs fans. You’re the most miserable people in all of baseball.