Thursday, December 16, 2010

Wood...1 year...$1.5 million

Just a quick post...

It has been confirmed that Kerry Wood is returning...and at a ridiculously cheap rate. The Cubs get the fan favorite for the 2011 season for only $1.5 million. While his statistical value as a setup man probably won't be very high , Wood was rumored to have had an offer from the White Sox for $3.5 million and I would assume the Yankees would have offered about the same amount.

Others may argue that this was a pointless signing, but for $1.5 million, it really isn't. Wood was really good with Yankees last year and in case Marmol suffers some form of injury (or wildness), Wood could easily fill in as closer.

The sad part about it really is that the rest of this team around Wood just isn't very good and it hurts Wood's chance of getting back to the playoffs and possibly winning that World Series ring that we'd all like him to get.