Saturday, December 4, 2010

And things just keep getting worse...Adrian Gonzalez traded to the Red Sox

In the end, the player I wanted most to play first base was Adrian Gonzalez.

The problem had always been that he wasn't a free agent.

We also know the Cubs presently weren't willing to take on his salary in a trade, and weren't willing to give up the prospects the Padres would have wanted.

Still, many of us were hoping that Gonzalez might be in a Cubs uniform for the 2012.

That doesn't appear as if it is going to happen now.

The Red Sox and the Padres have agreed on a trade involving the 1st baseman and the Red Sox intend to start contract extension talks with him in very short order.

With Adam Dunn officially out of the picture (though I'm holding off hope that the White Sox will trade him to us before opening day), the long term projections at first base are looking rather grim.

People keep mentioning Prince Fielder who I believe to be a tremendous risk especially at the price that Fielder's agent Scott Boras will likely ask for, and who's defense at first base has been worse than Adam Dunn's. I just see the Cubs being stuck in a Alfonso Soriano situation if they get Fielder.

And there is always the pipe dream of getting Albert Pujols.

But with the Cubs seemingly stuck because of their current payroll commitments, we appear to be left with a very serious problem of being unable to restock the roster with good veteran players.

All I can say is "Poop!".