Thursday, November 18, 2010

You've got to be kidding me? More football at Wrigley?

Tom Ricketts made a statement yesterday saying that he wants there to be an annual football game at Wrigley Field.

Look, I know that the money would be beneficial to the Cubs and all but...


Um...look, for a one time novelty, fine....but this isn't safe. When the Bears played at Wrigley Field, one of the end-zones was only 8 yards deep. Wrigley Field can't hold a football field. It's too small.

Take a close look at the area between the Cubs dugout and the bullpen:
There's is something three rows of seat and a brick wall!  Yes, the Cubs ripped out a brick wall and three rows of seats to fit the football field in. Don't believe me?  How about this angle.
or this angle

Honestly, the fact that the NCAA is allowing this game to be played here is appalling. This isn't safe. Here's an season, why don't the Cubs put a brick wall one foot behind first base. It's the same thing as that end-zone in right field. 

Look, I'm excited to watch the game on Saturday, but I pray to God they don't have to wheel anyone off that field on a gurney. This is an accident waiting to happen. If this was the NFL, the players union wouldn't permit the game being played. The NCAA should be protecting these young kids from playing in this game. They don't know better at this age.

Hold more hockey games there or soccer matches or concerts or something. But no more football games, please?