Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A model for what the triangle building should be

So it looks like the governor and the mayor have both come out against the Wrigley renovation finance plan...so the Ricketts family release this new rendering of the triangle building.

The scaled back plans for the triangle building.
All kidding aside now...

For years the Cubs have talked about this mythical triangle building. If you're like me (which, for your sake, I hope you're not), you've wondered what the heck the Triangle Building will actually be and what can we expect to be in it.

Well, I don't really know entirely what the Cubs are planning for this building off of Clark Street, but if they want a good example of what they should do, they should take a trip 5 hours north of Chicago to Lambeau Field, home of the hated Green Bay Packers. I've actually had the opportunity to be around Lambeau quite a bit over the last 4 years working races in the Green Bay area including the Green Bay Marathon which starts and ends and Lambeau.

The Packers completely renovated their horribly obsolete stadium starting in 2001. They expanded the capacity and added many great fan amenities.

As part of the process of renovating Lambeau, the Packers added a triangle shaped extension onto the stadium which they call the “Atrium”.
In the Atrium, the Packers moved their museum (which had been located across the street in another building), installed multiple restaurants, an ice cream shop, a team store, some other retail space, a ballroom, a bar and a huge center space that can hold small expos and other corporate events. The Atrium also contains office space for the team. The area is open to the public year round.

This is pretty much exactly what the Cubs should be aiming for in building the Triangle Building. Any plans should include basically everything that the Lambeau Field renovation had as well as some parking space in the building and some patio space on the roof.
Hopefully Lambeau Field is one of the places the Ricketts family is considering when drawing up plans for the Wrigley renovation.