Wednesday, November 24, 2010

As Cubs fans, do we have anything to be thankful for in 2010?

Last year I listed 10 things to be thankful for as Cubs fans at Thanksgiving. That was a very happy and optimistic list. I thought I’d try to do that again this year but I found it was a little more difficult. I did try, though, and this is what I came up with.

10. No players got seriously hurt in the Northwestern/Illinois football game last weekend.
I could just see it now: with a player or two getting hurt and the Cubs get sued because there was a brick wall in the middle of the playing field. And does anyone have any faith that the Ricketts family would have a lawyer good enough to defend them against a lawsuit like this? If there was a lawsuit...I'm sure the Ricketts would have had reduce payroll even more.

9. We aren’t the Pirates.
Yeah…the Cubs are almost as crappy and the amount of talent is about the same…but luckily we don’t have to play in the nicest stadium in baseball…oh…wait…ugh. I guess I wish we were the Pirates. At least their ticket prices are nice and low.

8. We are another year from then end of these horrible back weighted contracts
Don’t worry…we only have 4 more years of Alfonso Soriano!

7. We didn’t get swept out of the playoffs.
How wonderful is that! For the second straight season the Cubs didn’t get swept out of the playoffs.

6. Starlin Castro hasn’t started to suck yet.
It is natural for us to get overly excited over the rookie year performance of one of our top prospects. Hopefully Starlin can avoid the decline that we saw out of Corey Patterson.

5. No part of Wrigley Field collapsed this season.
We’ve had falling concrete, crumbling ramps and other issues with the park in the past, but the stadium with the ivy and wooden roof held up pretty well this year.

4. Ramirez can’t possibly be worse than he was last season
Right? RIGHT???

3. We didn’t have to pay for playoff tickets
That’s a nice chuck of money I can use for therapy and to buy alcohol to numb the pain of the 2010 season.

2. Only one losing season in the last 3
Unfortunately that one losing season was 2010.

1. The Ricketts family hasn’t reinstituted the “College of Coaches”
The Ricketts have been doing their best impersonation of 60 years of Wrigley ownership. They’ve done some really messed up things, but at least they haven’t implemented this really messed up concept that was tried out in the early 60s. But keep it quiet or we might end up with “Head Coach” Lester Strode.

This is so depressing.
At least we’re all alive and healthy physically. (Mentally we're all a wreck!)

Happy Thanksgiving.