Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Power Rankings say it all...

A team that started the season with a $146 million payroll…

is now ranked 29th out of 30 in the FoxSports Power Rankings.


So I decided to do a wrap up of the various Power Rankings this week reporting how bad each of these sites think the Cubs actually are.

First, ESPN:
26. CUBS: “Thomas Diamond's major-league debut was a 10-K quality start. Outing No. 2? Not so much.“

That comment was submitted to ESPN from our friends over at View From the Bleachers. The Cubs youth movement would be more inspiring for me if there weren’t so many young players league-wide that are playing so well this year.

Next, CBS-Sportline:

28. CUBS: “If the Cubs don't give a crap anymore, why should anybody else? Let them write their own damn blurb.”

SNAP! Look, it’s one thing for Cubs fans to think this team just doesn’t care, but when you start getting national writers saying this, then there is a serious problem in that clubhouse.

And FoxSports:

29. CUBS: “After a 1-5 week, it's officially time for Cubs fans to break out the classic "there's always next year" frame of mind.”

I’m still waiting for the SI power rankings for this week (which usually come out on Thursday)…but needless to say, the failure of the Cubs is quickly becoming a national story. The question is, how low will this team go? You start looking at their record and the Cubs are now on pace for losing around 95 games….and outside of the Pirates and Orioles, that would put them at the bottom of the MLB...most of these rankings have already got them approaching that level.

Not good my friends.