Friday, July 9, 2010

That's more like it...Cubs back in sell mode.

After the Cubs swept the D-Backs this week...a bit of terror overcame me. had nothing to do with the stress of trying to sell and buy house right now.

I fully expected, after that sweep this week, that Jim Hendry would believe this team would actually be buyers and attempt to add to the team to make a run at the division title.

You know...something like trading Starlin Castro, Tyler Colvin and Andrew Cashner to the Mariners for Cliff Lee.  (Or maybe trading that trio to the Astros for Roy Oswalt.)

I can' breath again...the Cubs reverted back to that shitty team we've all grown to know and hate.  Last night was bad...sloppy...and, well, a loss.

 You are supposed to catch the ball and throw it to first base. Don't just let it lie there.
(Getty Image/Stephen Dunn)

This game had just about everything we've come to expect from the Cubs this year.  A solo homer by Soriano, a TOOTBLAN by Theriot, a pitcher that was left in the game one batter too long, less than stellar defense, little offense, Cubs batters striking out 13 times, and an ejection. 

Offensively, the third inning was the best example of how the Cubs season has gone this year...a base hit by Theriot, he gets picked off.  Then Byrd gets a hit to right and gets thrown out by 50 ft trying to inexplicably stretch the single into a double.


Well, Ramirez is starting to look better...but he is still swinging at pitches you never saw him swing at in previous seasons, but his average is climbing.

Also, Randy Wells pitched well for the second start in a row.  After almost 2 months of crap from Wells, this is a good sign.

On the depressing side, Derrek Lee is severely broken still, Starlin Castro has started to get figured out by opposing pitchers and the Cubs dropped another winnable series opener.

So back to a higher level here...unless Jim Hendry has completely lost his mind (which is not out of the realm of possibility), the Cubs are going to be sellers at the trade deadline approaches, and that trade deadline is approaching rapidly.  When that switch is flipped, expect things to go quickly.

Who's gone?  Theriot, Lilly.
Who else is being offered?  Lee and Fukudome.
Who would we like to see traded?  Fontenot and Ramirez
Who isn't going anywhere?  Soriano and Zambrano (ugh!)

What else to expect as the trade deadline approaches?  Well, I'm thinking that an announcement will be coming from the Cubs ownership pretty soon to address the direction of the team and to unveil renovation plans at Wrigley Field.

I missed out on the Season-Ticket holders appreciation day at Wrigley yesterday which I actually really wanted to go to but couldn't due to house issues (it's an easy excuse for everything right now) I'm hoping the Tim over at Aisle 424 will have some info for us on that event.   I hope they do a similar thing next year so I could actually attend.  (Last year they had "lunch with the management" sessions for season ticket holders.) 

Another busy weekend of working, packing and stressing out....oh, and exciting Chicago Cubs baseball...*giggle*