Friday, July 9, 2010

The Cubs are leading the league in mid-season anti-awards

As the all-star game approaches, it is inevitable that many of the sportswriters give mid-season awards for MVP, Cy Young, ROY and so on...

Usually when these awards are listed, you have the "anti-awards" as well, for Least Valuable Player and Cy Yucks. 

Now, I think serious consideration should be given for Colvin as rookie of the year (especially if he had a few more at-bats), but for the rest of the team...the Cubs lead the lead in contenders for "anti-awards".

Jason Stark gave Aramis Ramirez the LVP for the first half...with Derrek Lee as runner up.  That's well deserved for the two guys to sit in the middle of the Cubs lineup.

Stark also gave Zambrano the Cy Yuck award.  We all know why. 

So, the other excellent part about this is that Rich Harden received Stark's AL Cy Yuck award.  He nailed it dead on what the problem with Harden has been, and they are all the same reasons that I said that the Cubs shouldn't have wasted the money on re-signing him.  (Good for me!)

So that was fun.

Another site that has some similar things is CBSSportline, who listed the anti-All-Star team.

Take a wild guess at who the first baseman, third baseman and starting pitcher are for that anti-All-Star team.

Yep, Lee, Ramirez and Zambrano.  Good job, guys!!

Our favorite hot-head, Milton Bradley made that list too for DH.


So, to give you a good sense as to how truly horrible the Cubs roster has been over the last couple years, take a look at the players on this list...Lee, Ramirez, Harden, Zambrano and Bradley...

Yes, Harden is gone (the rightmove) and Bradley should have never signed with the Cubs in the first place...but if many people had their way, the Cubs would have been stuck with all 5 of these guys this season....and that's really sad.