Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Steinbrenner is dead. And so are the Orioles.

Various media outlets are reporting that George Steinbrenner, the long time owner of the Yankees passed away this morning after suffering a massive heart attack last night.

I'm not sure what else to say about that.  Steinbrenner's affect on the game will be long lasting and after some ups and downs, created the current Yankee dynasty.

Honestly, I wouldn't mind if the Ricketts family acted in a similar way...well, except for the outrageous ticket prices. 

And while we are on the subject of death, the Orioles might add to their collection of dead Cubs players.  According to Roch Kubatko of MASN Sports, the Orioles are interested in Mark Prior who, last month, threw in front of scouts from a large number of teams (most of whom weren't all that impressed I believe).  I really don't understand what the Orioles are trying to do.  That organization is a complete mess and their performance on the field reflects that.  It's a shame for a franchise with such a great history.

(If you read down a little ways in the comment area on that Orioles story, one of the comments is about the idea that the currently managerless Orioles should consider waiting for Lou Piniella to leave the Cubs and try to hire him to manage the team...which makes me think Oriole fans are dumber than Cubs fans.  Good luck with that.)