Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Our Long National League Nightmare is Over!

Woohoo!!!  After 3 billion years, the National League won the All-Star game!

So, when the Cubs make it to the World Series this year, they'll have home field advantage.

And the best part, our boy, Marlon Byrd, had a critical role in that victory.

Brian McCann won the MVP, but, actually, I think Byrd was almost as valuable.  And if he would have made a diving catch in the 6th inning on a ball hit by Derek Jeter, I think he probably would have been MVP.  Byrd put together two of the best at-bats of the game, on resulting in a walk that kept the inning alive for McCann to get the game winning double, the other, against Jose Valverde, where he ultimately struck out.  But the play that hopefully gave everyone watching a show of how good of an all-around ballplayer he was was in the ninth inning when he threw out David Ortiz going from first to second on a bloop base hit by Blue Jays catch John Buck (not related to Joe).

One thing for sure, Marlon Byrd made Cubs fans proud of something for the first time this year.

And the best part, it was a White Sox pitcher who blew the game!

Well...enjoy the most boring sports day of the year, everyone.