Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wow...a bunch of news! Tracy, Aramis and Toyota!

Chad Tracy, who has been tearing up AAA over the last month or so, has been recalled.


Because the Cubs finally figured out that Aramis Ramirez is broken.

It's funny, but when a guy who has been pretty damn good throughout his career sits about 40 points below the Mendoza line all season, some alarms should have gone off about a month ago that something was wrong with him.

Anyway, Ramirez is going on the DL for his "thumb injury".  Hopefully the rest will get him right.

The other news, the Toyota sign is going up.  The Cubs got final approval today...and they are already in the process of putting up the sign...go to "The Wrigley Blog" for a picture of them erecting the sign. *giggle*

So now that this stuff is done, we can start winning some ballgames, right?


One other piece of news...

The Cubs are getting a bit upset again with the rooftop owners over some of their practices with selling tickets.  A quick note to the rooftop owners...stop pissing off the people who are making your lives really, really posh.  The Cubs have been more than generous with how they've treated the rooftop owners.  They need to stop this bullshit...not only with ticket sales and such, but with all their opposition to things like the Toyota sign and the hotel development over on Addison St.  Anyway, check out the trib story about it. 

Go Hawks!