Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Ricketts family bolts to another continent to get away from this crappy team...

A number of little stories around Cubs-land today...

There is a noodle in front of Wrigley Field.  A big noodle.

I don't love it. (Tribune pic)

Great.  Toyota, BP and a noodle.  Don't ask...

The Ricketts family has also hired a statistics guy.  Believe it or not, this is the first baseball related hire they've made since they took over the team.  Now that they've hired someone...why not fire someone to balance it out?  Crane Kenney?  Jim Hendry?  

And I still don't know what Crane Kenney does.  
Anyway, this stats guy is Ari Kaplan...and he is supposed to be pretty good.  The question is, would Jim Hendry listen to him?  Before you say no, remember, he actually has yielded to the judgment of Tim Wilken on matters of drafting you never know.

Next up on the WTF list...I noticed it for the first time on Sunday more organ music when the players come up to the plate.  Yep, the Cubs join just about every other baseball team in the world and are now playing taped music when they come up to bat.  

This is really disappointing.  Maybe I'm getting old, but I love listening to Gary Pressy on the organ.  Yeah...he's still playing some stuff out there...., but I always liked what he would come up with for the players when they batted.  I've tolerated advertising...I even want a video board...but this it too much.

Next...the Ricketts family is on vacation.  Yep...after the Cubs pathetic performance lately, they decided to go to Africa for 2 weeks.  Personally, I'd like to go to another continent to get away from this team know, like Antarctica...I heard it is beautiful there this time of year.  (Enough of the stupid cliques.)

I'm not sure who is running the team right now...but that noodle was put up after they I'm guessing Bozo the clown has taken over now.  
One last note about that trip...Bruce Levine of ESPN reported that Tom Ricketts left his wishes as far as what he wants the team to do.  I read from this that Ricketts may have already decided whether or not the Cubs should be buyers or sellers as the trade deadline approaches.  And since I honestly think it would be premature to say the Cubs would be buyers right now (if I was owner), I believe it is more likely that Ricketts is looking to start selling soon.  

He should start here: us a favor...wave your no-trade clause. (another Tribune pic)