Thursday, May 20, 2010 this is what a winning streak looks like? (And the return of the frowning reliever.)

So everyone was a bit concerned yesterday when the lineup was announced and Jeff Baker was in the lineup and playing right field.


Sloth was awesome.  The team was able to scratch out a couple running against 95 year old Jamie Moyer.  And all was good...


Bobby Howry!


Bobby Howry!

Yes...he didn't quite work out for us before...maybe he'll be better this time.

Poor Jeff Stevens, who was called up yesterday to replace 'Smiley' Caridad (heading back to the DL) is probably on a horse drawn carriage back to Des Moines as Howry prepares to make his Cubs re-debut.

If you didn't remember when we played the D-Backs a few weeks ago, Howry has been horrible this season.  He has given up 17 runs in 14 innings.  No, not 17 hits...17 runs!  


I didn't cover this yesterday, because I really don't know what to say about it...

Zambrano is supposed headed back to the starting rotation and that he will be pitching in long relief to get his arm prepared for the move.  Well...a couple things here.  First, the Cubs starters have consistently been going 6 to 7 innings.  As a result, it is unlikely Z will get many opportunities to get his arm prepared to start again.  Second, the start who has had the most problems going deep into games this season has been...well...Z!  

Another thing, who is going to be knocked out of the rotation?  Wells?  Lilly?  Sloth?  You can't move Dempster or Silva.  (Well, you can't, but then I would have to shoot you.)

So I guess we all have to pray for an injury or something.  


So Jeff Baker started in right field.  It worked.  He got a hit to score a critical run...and the guy he replaced, Xavier Nady, even drove in a couple runs as a pinch hitter.  

Suddenly Lou can do no wrong.  

Let's keep in mind that this team isn't as bad as they have been playing.  And right now they have played some decent ball against two pretty good teams.  

Tonight, Dempster hopes to keep the streak going as he faces off against Joe Blanton.  Blanton has only faced the Cubs twice, but has pitched well against them giving up a total of only 3 runs in those two starts.  So far this year, Blanton has struggled a bit...and he started the year on the DL.  This will be his 4th start of the season.