Monday, May 3, 2010

We are good better start thanking Soriano.

Isn't it wonderful when you lower expectations for this team and then they go out and exceed them?

Yes, 3 out of 4 against the D-Backs is actually awesome.

So why the turnaround this weekend?

I think the formula is relatively simple.  Soriano gets hits. 

By my calculations, in the games that the Cubs have lost this year, Alfonso Soriano has hit for a .190 average.  In games the Cubs have won, Soriano has hit .474...

It's quite simple here and I've said this before, the Cubs cannot win unless Soriano hits well.  You can throw Colvin out there if you want, but as a rookie, he isn't going to give you the production offensively that Soriano potentially does.

This team needs Soriano to win, and they need him to be the superstar we signed him to be.

You can say all you want about Lee and Ramirez, but these guys cannot carry a team like Soriano can.  Besides, we had Lee and Ramirez for 3 years before we had Soriano, and they didn't deliver a single playoff appearance.

I didn't like the Soriano contract.  And I still don't.  But we are stuck with him, and we need him to produce.  Without him, this team is basically no better than the 2004 or 2005 teams (example #1: 2009).  


After about 2 years without an off day, we get a chance to relax today, enjoy the 3 game winning streak, and prepare to beat-up on the Pirates (hopefully).