Monday, May 17, 2010

Our long nightmare is over!

We beat the Pirates!!!!

What more can I say?

I can't really comment on this weekend because I didn't get a chance to see Saturday and Sunday's games.  All I know is going 1-1 over the weekend against the Pirates is quite an accomplishment for this team.

This week, the Cubs take on the Rockies on Monday and Tuesday as the Cubs begin a stretch of games versus good teams for the first time this season.  Over the next 2 weeks, the Cubs will play 5 consecutive series against team with winning records.  Since almost ever team they've played this year so far has been, well, not good, this is going to be the time when the Cubs must show if they are even going to be competitive this season.

Once this two week stretch is over, if the Cubs haven't made some sort of move back up the standings, then I'll be calling for some house cleaning to be done.

Anyway, Colorado is in town for a couple games.

Tonight, Randy Wells against Aaron Cook.  Wells recovered from that horrible outing against the Pirates a few weeks ago and pitched well against the Marlins last time out going 8 innings.  Cook hasn't been that good for the Rockies this year.  He has one complete game so far this season, but has failed to pitch past the 6th inning in every other start.  Over his career, Cook has pitched well against the Cubs (surprise surprise...sounds like a broken record).  Last year, the Cubs were able to score a bit against him, hopefully that trend continues.

Tomorrow night, the Orca vs. Jhoulys Chacin.  Silva earned a win in his last start...and stabilized himself after a few bad starts earlier this month.  Those bad starts started a number of people calling for him to be sent to the bullpen with Zambrano replacing him in the rotation.  (That would be a mistake, I think.)  Chacin is a young kid and is making his 5th career start Tuesday.  So far he has pitched fairly well.  He didn't give up a run in his first two starts this season, but got hammered last week against the Nationals.  Needless today, he's never faced the Cubs before.  These usually are situations where the Cubs bats go absolutely beware.