Monday, May 17, 2010

Ok...look...face reality, you silly people from the press!

Lou Piniella isn't going anywhere.

You only need one reason why.


It's a simple as that.

You ask, "What are you talking about, Doc?"

Ken Rosenthal, a Fox Sports guy who many people respect as a reasonable and thoughtful journalist, said that if the Cubs don't improve, they should fire Lou Piniella.  Then everyone in the world starts going nuts insinuating the Lou Piniella's job might actually be in jeopardy. 

It's not.

Like I said...there is only one reason why.

Jim Hendry will not fire his manager.

Why am I saying that?

Look, in 2006, the Cubs were horrible.  That was the worst Cubs team that decade....period.  Dusty Baker had lost the support of his team (despite what Derrek Lee has said to the press, recently), every journalist and almost every fan (except Al Yellon until the very end) was calling for him to be kicked out.

Jim Hendry had every reason to fire Dusty Baker during that season and he didn't.

The same thing will happen here if this team doesn't improve.  Lou is in the last year of his contract.  The team will play out the season, some trades will be made.  Lou will retire from managing and we will have a new manager next year and a reworking of the roster will occur. 

The question people should be asking is will Jim Hendry make it through the rest of the season?