Saturday, May 1, 2010

Hey, the Cubs beat someone other than the Brewers!!!

The Cubs actually figured out how to score with the wind blowing out on Friday.  The figured out if they just tried to elevate the ball without trying to hit it to Evanston, they might actually hit some home runs.

The last two days have been very difficult for Cubs starters...but we were due for a letdown be it.  But with that being said, Randy Wells pitched fairly well considering he was facing one of the best offensive ballclubs in all of baseball in very difficult conditions.  Six inning, 5 runs.  Grabow pitched in the 7th...didn't screw anything up.  Z and Marmol cleaned things up.

The D-Backs pitching staff finally started living up to their reputation yesterday...starter Rodrigo Lopez gave up 6 runs.  Four of those runs were unearned because of an error that he committed (someone has to explain to me why an error by a pitcher converts runs to "un-earned"!)...

Soriano hit the home run that took the lead...and the fans went wild...kinda.  It was a weird day and from what I can tell, it was a rather subdued crowd.

Anyway, back to the bad D-Backs pitching...of the three relievers to come in, the only one not to allow a run to score was...OMG...Aaron Heilman?  Wow.

More concerning is the continued struggles of Aramis Ramirez who went 0-4 yesterday.  D-Lee got a couple of hits, but didn't hit anything hard.

The dud-of-the-game was Colvin who didn't do anything at all on Friday. You Tylermaniacs had better get ready for more games like this. Teams are going to start figuring out weaknesses in his swing and exploit it.  I'm confident he will adjust eventually, but Colvin isn't the second least not yet.


Today the Orca takes the mound against D-Backs ace Danny Haren.  The Cubs have hit Haren fairly well during his career.

The wind is going to be blowing out hard once again today.

It's Dora the Explorer promotion day at the ballpark, so of course I have to go and take my daughter.

This evening, when I get home...why we shouldn't worry about Ted Lilly quite yet.