Sunday, April 11, 2010

Series #3 : I live amongst them.

The Brewers help the Cubs open up Wrigley Field this season starting tomorrow.

I will be going to the game don't expect anything to be posted here until tomorrow night.

The Brewers won 2 out of 3 against the Rockies to start the season, and have lost their first two games against the Cardinals (but are currently winning their game against them right now)...

This off-season, the Brewers had one goal...fix their pitching staff.  Their starting pitching was horrible last year.  Their team ERA was 4.83, which was 4th worst in major leagues.  (The Cubs posted a 3.84 ERA last season.)

To correct that problem, the Brewers signed Randy Wolfe, who had a career year last season with the Dodgers.  Personally, I thought this was a risky move by the Brewers...the contract was for 3 years on a guy that has been somewhat inconsistent over his career.

The other signing to help bolster the rotation was slow pitch softball hurler, Doug Davis.  The only reason I think the Brewers signed this guy was to piss off the Cubs who, for some reason, never seem to be able to hit this guy.

 My 19 month old daughter throws harder than this guy.

Another interesting signing on the pitching staff was setup man LaTroy Hawkins.  All of us Cub fans have great affection for this guy...he was so good for us...(*gulp* I just threw up a little bit in my mouth)

Along with these guys, the other pitchers of note are, of course, Yovani Gallardo, who would very much like to become the ace of this staff, Dave Bush and Claudio Vargas (with Jeff Suppan exiled to the DL while they try to figure out what to do with him).

Trevor Hoffman is their closer, and he is throwing about as hard as Doug Davis, but is still extremely effective (even though he blew a save against the Cardinals on Friday night).

Now onto the offense...

The main players are still there, Fat Fielder, Ryan Braun.  Rickie Weeks is trying to comeback after being hurt most of last season. can a guy be this fat eating only vegetables.

Sunglasses at Night boy is still on the team out in right field (that is Corey Hart)...and the Crew has signed once retired Jim Edmonds to be a fourth outfielder, trading time with Jody Gerut.

Infielders Craig Counsell, Casey McGehee, and Alcides Escobar all trade off time in the infield.

This team, with their strong middle of the order, should score some runs...especially if Weeks stays healthy. They scored the 3rd most runs in the NL last year.

Most people think the Brewers are better this season than their sub .500 record from last year.  I'm not so sure.  They lost Mike Cameron in center field, and are taking a chance on some pitchers that have been less than consistent throughout their careers.


This week:

Monday, Ryan Dempster takes on Doug Davis.  As I mentioned, Davis has been very good against the Cubs, and very average against just about everyone else.  With Davis being a left hander, expect Xavier Nady and Jeff Baker to starts tomorrow. day.

Wednesday, Randy Wells faces off against Dave Bush, who the Cubs have handled quite well over the years...especially Derrek Lee.

 Dave Bush tips his cap after giving up a Derrek Lee homer.

And Thursday, two guys who are wannabe aces, Carlos Zambrano and Yovani Gallardo go at it.

It's opening day at the old ballpark!  Let's get excited!