Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I'm sure glad we are paying Jaramillo all that money.

Once again, the Cubs offense falters.

You know, as bad as the bullpen has been, it's not like they've blown any big leads.

Well, tonight the bullpen still sucked...but they didn't blow a lead or even fail to keep a game tied...

Why?  Because the Cubs were shut out.

Zambrano gave up two runs in the second inning, and that pretty much did them in.

I'm going to have to dig up my old story about how this core group of players for the Cubs has been the biggest group of under-achievers since Banks-Santo-Williams.

There were no bright spots in this game...none what so ever...except for the fact that I was listening to the game on my phone as I was mowing the lawn this evening (I love my Droid...I really didn't have the money to spend on it, but I use it constantly) and once again, like last year, Keith Moreland is a great color commentator.  Next time the Cubs have an opening either on radio or on TV, Keith Moreland should be the person at the top of the list for the job.

But back to the title of this story...Rudy Jaramillo.  The Cubs made him the highest paid hitting coach in baseball, and so far this season we are seeing very little in way of results.  As I initially feared, this team is striking out a lot under his watch.

It is still early...and the #2 payroll team in baseball is doing just as bad as the Cubs are right now.  So we do need to remain patient.  Besides, how often does a Cubs team actually get off to a good start?  Well, besides 2008...

Tomorrow, Oliver Perez, who typically pitches well against the Cubs, faces the Orca.  Do we really have anything to look forward to with this game?

Good news...Ted Lilly appears to be on track to start either on Saturday or Sunday.  I'm not sure that will help any, but Ted Lilly might kick some asses if he get no run support.