Thursday, April 15, 2010

Doc doesn't go to the game, and the Cubs lose.

Well, I sold my tickets to today's game and the Cubs lost.

Oh well.

Zambrano was bad...again.
Samardzija was bad...again.
Grabow was bad...again.
Marshall was bad...for once.

Fukudome looked completely lost today after having an unbelievable day yesterday.  (Psst...a little secret, an off-speed pitch with some movement causes K-Fuk some problems.)

The wind was blowing out rather hard today, and the hitters feasted.  Lee, Byrd and Ramirez all homered today for the Cubs.  McGehee and Braun homered for the Brewers.

Suppan wasn't horrible, unfortunately.

The Brewers defense tried their best to give the game away in the ninth, but Hoffman survived getting Ramirez to fly out really deep to end the game.  Cubs lose...8-6.

What did we learn today?  Well, first off, Samardzija must be sent back down to Iowa...period.  He just cannot continue to pitch like this.  Trying to figure out how to command pitches cannot be done in the middle of a one run ballgame. 

Second, Fukudome is just a really inconsistent hitter.

Third.  Angel Campos is almost as bad of an umpire as Angel Hernandez.

Fourth, even Derrek Lee can get thrown out of a game without slugging a pitcher.

And finally, Carlos Zambrano may be lighter, and in better shape, but he still doesn't understand that he needs to stay hydrated during a game.

Houston comes in tomorrow.  Thankfully, they won today against the Cardinals...their first win of the year.  The last thing we would have wanted was a winless Astros team to coming into Wrigley...because I'm fearly sure that would have increased the likelihood that the Cubs would lose tomorrow.

Series preview coming up later.