Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Cubs must demote Jeff Samardzija

Ok...I've been very critical of the Cubs handling of Jeff Samardzija.  I do like the kid, and think he still has some potential.  I don't blame him for the struggles he has had.

But I had the opportunity to watch him warm up in the bullpen during yesterday's game.

Samardzija's wildness is not just an issue when he's put in a real game situation.  Yesterday, when he was warming up, he was extremely wild in the bullpen.  He has some serious mechanical problems still, and those problems cannot be fixed while blowing games for the Cubs.

The Cubs have to make the decision that Samardzija is going to be a relief pitcher and send him to the minor leagues to learn how to be a relief pitcher and to get his mechanics straighten out.  Period.

He as on the cusp of being thrown out of town by the fans right now (much like Soriano) and that just isn't fair for the kid.  The Cubs have set him up to fail...and to fail horribly.

He has got a great arm.  And I believe has the possibility to be as unhittable as Carlos Marmol.  The Cubs need to look beyond that ridiculous contract they gave him and turn him in to a relief pitcher.  Let's try to get something out of this contract they gave him. 

But if they don't act soon, they are going to lose Samardzija forever.