Monday, April 19, 2010

The Cubs move one step closer to getting their Toyota sign.

According to Trib, the Cubs got an approval to put up their Toyota sign in left field.  The Trib said it was approved by 'city officials'...what ever the hell that means. 

That still doesn't mean it is going to happen, but it is another step closer.  The biggest hurdle will probably be for them to get approval from the landmarks commission which needs to get their priorities straight if they don't allow this.

For the couple games I saw at Wrigley so far, the rooftop owners are the ones who are protesting the sign the most. (I wonder why?  Jerks!)  Their literature talks about it ruining the tradition of the with it, people.  (Look at some of the old picture of the West Side Grounds when the Cubs played there...advertising everywhere!)

Anyway, the proposal was revised slightly from the original offer...the sign would be erected off the back of the bleacher seats in left field, as opposed to the walkway behind the bleachers.  I'm not sure what that would exactly accomplish outside of the sign potentially occupying what would technically be city property (since that walkway over hangs the sidewalk.