Tuesday, March 16, 2010

What have the Cubs done with the real Carlos Silva?

I'm stunned.

Absolutely stunned.

I don't know who that guy who pitched today was, but there is no way in hell that could have been Carlos Silva.

Just no way.

Four innings pitched.

Two hits.

No walks.

Three strikeouts.


Look, if Larry Rothschild has "fixed" this guy, then I will forever take back everything I've ever said against Larry.


I know it is only spring training, but Silva was actually good today.  Not like his last appearance...he was hit hard and was fairly lucky.  Today he was good...real good.

Suddenly you have to wonder if he could actually make the rotation.  At $13 million this season, the Cubs are probably going to give the guy every chance they can to be in the rotation.

But I am absolutely stunned. 


The Cubs won 4-1 today over the Rangers.  Theriot had a couple hits as did Xavier Nady.  Jeff Baker finally decided to show up by hitting a homer today. 

Not only did Silva pitch well, the Caridad pitched even better in 2 innings giving up no hits and striking out 3.