Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Um...maybe I was wrong about this guy.

Here is a pitching line for a guy from a game yesterday...

Earned Runs-9
HR Allowed-1

Yes...that is 10 runs allowed without retiring a single person. Who was this?

Carlos Silva? Nope.

It is Ben Sheets...who I insisted that the Cubs go after during the off-season.

Try to top that, Silva!


Sheets has now allowed 18 runs in a total of 4 1/3 innings pitched.

Um...yeah...he might turn it a round at some point this season, but Sheets has obviously a long way to go right now.

Thank goodness the Cubs didn't have the money to take a chance on this guy.


Yesterday, Z pitched well in four innings against the Rockies. The truth is, Zambrano has had a very good spring to this point with the exception of one bad inning. That's a good sign. I still really haven't seen much video of him yet to see if he is staying on top of his pitches. Hopefully he is and this translates well into the regular season.

Colvin remained hot getting two hits yesterday, but the Cubs managed only 5 hits total in the 5-2 lose to the Rockies. Rule 5 pick, Mike Parisi got knocked around for 3 runs in his 1 2/3 innings yesterday.

Today we get to see the Orca go at it again. Silva, in his last appearance (which some people actually thought was good), got hit very hard, but didn't give up a run.

Today's game will be at HoHoKam against the Rangers at 3pm. It sounds like Derrek Lee and Aramis Ramirez will be back in the line up on Thursday, but not today. (Wednesday is an off day.)

And I leave you with a story about the struggles of players living off the league minimum.