Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tracy, Millar, Fuld, Hufflepuff...who will it be?

The Cubs are expected to announce who will win the final roster spot today or tomorrow.

After a really good first few weeks of spring training, Kevin Millar's production has plummeted over the last two weeks.

Chad Tracy has been consistently blah all of spring training...but he has been consistent about it.

Sam Fuld still can't hit.

And Hufflepuff?  Eh.

Tracy has played the best of these players...(don't let Millar's early spring success fool you).  He's left handed and he can play 4 different positions.

Fuld and Hoffpauir are outfielders and the Cubs already have 5 of them.

The choice should be obvious.  But since this is the Cubs, I'm guessing they'll do something stupid.

If the Cubs do choose Tracy, the positive thing is that Fuld and Hoffpauir will be ready to be called up at any point when an injury occurs.  The Cubs are much more prepared for this inevitability this season.  

And watch to see what happens with Millar.  He did sign a minor league contract...but I would find it hard to believe that, if he doesn't make that team, he would accept a minor league assignment.  He'll probably be released and could retire. 

If Millar does retire, the Cubs could rehire him to be a bullpen catcher/stand-up comedian.  That would keep the bullpen entertained during the whole season. 


If you didn't see it, take a look as some of the renderings of the new PNC Club that I posted late last night...it looks quite nice.