Monday, March 29, 2010

More info about the PNC Club...

I got April's issue of Vine Line today...

In this month's issue, they had a short article about the new PNC Club at Wrigley Field, which will be ready by opening day.  The club will be located down the third base line at the end of the skybox level.

They had three pictures, artist renderings of the club, which I'll post here until the Cubs ask me to take them down...

The Club will have a nice view of the field.

 I never thought I'd see an area like this at Wrigley.

It looks almost like a corner of Cheers.

The Club is being catered to business people and VIP types.  Supposedly, Hall-of-Famers, 7th inning stretch conductors and other important guests will frequent the club.  I'm guessing the Ricketts family will be hanging out there quite a bit too.  

All I have to say is if these artist renderings of the PNC Club are accurate, this bodes very well for the future renovations to the ballpark.  

Almost none of us will ever see this part of the ballpark, but I do think it is cool that Wrigley will finally have a place like this...a place that so many other ballparks now have.  
Be prepared for the release of more information about future renovations to the ballpark.  I believe little tidbits will be released by the Ricketts family during the season, with a big announcement about the Triangle Building late in the year.