Monday, March 29, 2010

The Cubs don't listen to me...Colvin makes the roster.

Well, the Cubs have put Tyler Colvin on the 25 man roster.

I've said at least a couple times here the I feel this is a mistake.

Fine...don't listen to me.  Jerks.

I hope he does well.  I really do.  I just don't see him getting enough playing time to really help him develop as an player while he is in the big leagues.

Well, that basically leaves on spot left open on the roster.  Sam Fuld, Micah Hoffpauir, Chad Tracy and Kevin "Two guys walked into bar..." Millar are competing...and I fear that Millar will win out.  Tracy should be the better choice.  This roster has evolved a bit since the Cubs signed Tracy 3 months ago (prompting me to say that the signing was inexplicable).

In other news...Mike Parisi is going to Iowa.  I'm not quite sure how that all worked...but there was some rule in the Rule 5 draft thingy where he was able to choose to stay with the Cubs.  Don't ask me...I've never heard of that before.

The Orca pitched well again on Saturday, Dempster pitched well on Sunday.  The world is good.

Seven more days until opening day.  This week is going to be slow as hell.

I have a little thingy I wrote about the Cardinals that I will post this afternoon.

Happy Monday!